Leather Stitching Machines

Heavy Duty Artisan® TORO-3200 Leather Stitchers with a 12 12” working area cylinder bed is known as Compound Needle Feed, Walking Foot (Unison Feed) Lockstitch Sewing Machines. 

The TORO-3200 Stitchers include a very large size Bobbin and Oscillating Shuttle Hook system designed to stitch from as light as 2 to 3 sheets of paper, up to as heavy as 910 inch or 24.1 mm thick.

Some features of the Artisan® TORO-3200 include a lever type stitch regulator with Reverse feed and a built-in bobbin winder mechanism. The machines stitch using threads manufactured using bonded twisted Nylon or Poly Threads from lightweight sizes such as z-69 (tex 70) up to as heavy as size z-415 (tex 410) industrial threads.

We recommend genuine SCHMETZ brand Needles from diameters as light as 794 NM110, (#18) up to NM250 (#27) including leather point needles 794 S #21 to #26 and 794 D #23 to #25. Artisan® is the direct distributor of Schmetz brand, German manufactured the highest quality needles and carries all of the various sizes.