Ladybug Steam Vapor Systems

Steam vapor cleaners are the most cost-effective, efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning systems in today’s market. They might look like a vacuum, but they’re not. Nor are they conventional ‘steam’ cleaners or pressure washers. Steam vapor cleaners are very powerful cleaning devices that use only ordinary tap water to clean, disinfect, and deodorize virtually any surface—without chemicals.

Advanced Vapor Technologies has a complete family of both residential and commercial vapor steam cleaners to help you clean your home or business. Each vapor steam cleaner is designed to be simple to operate and maintain, and rugged down to the last detail, including protective finishes. And they are backed by the best warranty in the business.

Ladybug Steam Vapor Systems

“Efficacy of Steam Vapor With
TANCS® Against COVID19″



The Difference When It’s Ladybug®



Continuous, no-wait refill
Non-pressurized water reservoir allows water to be added at any time. No downtime. No safety concerns.





Anti-scale technology
Minerals are utilized by TANCS® instead of building up on internal components.



Safe for you and the planet
Materials matter. Ladybugs® is free from BPA, phthalates, lead, and formaldehyde.


Handbuilt in Italy
All our steam vapor systems are built by our award-winning team in Italy.



Exceptional service
Our Seattle-based specialists are available five days a week to answer all your questions.



Budget-friendly financing
With rates as low as 0% APR, it’s never been easier to buy a Ladybug®.

Ladybug Vacuums
Decades of manufacturing experience and premium components lead to an exceptional product.  Steam vapor is the most natural and efficient way to clean and sanitize almost any surface—including ceilings and floors and everything in between.

Masterfully clean countertops
Kitchen counters are a place you worry about being super germy. No more. The Ladybug 2350 cleans and sanitizes countertops like never before. Without leaving them cloudy and streaky.






Deep clean hardwood floors
All you need is a Ladybug 2350. The steam will not damage the wood because very little water and no chemicals are used.


Deodorize and sanitize your sofa
The 2350’s high-temperature steam loosens and dissolves surface dirt while brightening the fabric’s colors.





We’ve delivered steam vapor systems to thousands of homeowners and organizations across the country. The professionals are turning to Advap for our quality, durability, performance, and TANCS® Technology.

TANCS® is safer, faster and validated


Lifetime limited warranty
Our stainless steel boilers fight corrosion and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. 1-year warranty on parts.