Simplicity Cordless Vacuums

With Simplicity Cordless Vacuums, there’s no cord to hold you back. Lightweight yet powerful, these vacuums can handle both bare floors are area rugs. And their many tools give them great variability to boot! When you need portable cleaning power, one of these is sure to become your best friend.

Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum

S65 Premium Cordless Vacuum

Perfect for cleaning bare floors and rugs, the S65 runs up to 25 minutes at low speed.

Simplicity S65 Deluxe Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum

S65 Deluxe Cordless Vacuum

This lightweight Cordless Multi-Use Stick Vacuum adapts quickly to whatever you need to clean.

Simplicity S65 Cordless Multi-Use with HEPA Media Filter

S65 Standard Cordless Vacuum

Multiple configurations times multiple uses = exponential cleaning!

Cordless Freedom Upright with Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag

Cordless Freedom Upright w/HEPA

Look, Ma, no cord! This Simplicity cordless vacuum is lightweight, powerful and convenient.